How far should I inflate these car tyres?


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My partner has a 2013 Mini One with 175/65 tyres.


This is what's shown on the inside of the driver's door:




There's only two of us in the car, it's never full.


My tyre inflator only shows 0-100 of one measurement and 0-7 of another.




I presume 240 is 24 on that 0-100 scale?


So all four tyres = 24?


If so, when she had the car serviced a few months ago, they inflated each one to 30.


Which is correct, 24 or 30?

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On ‎14‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 10:24 PM, Elliot B. said:

Thank you, guys!

Also, tyre sales is a good place for advice, I used to work there when I was doing my YTS, (rule of thumb I was taught while working there, steel wheels 28psi minimum, alloys 32psi, dependent on wheel and tyre size and ratings for both of course..)

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