Permission issues with shared Outlook e-mail account

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Elliot B.    1,141

I work for a very large organisation that has a dedicated I.T. department.


The team I work with within the organisation consists of around 6 other people.


We all use Windows 7/Outlook 2010.


We each have access to two e-mail accounts:


  • Our own e-mail address/inbox
  • A shared team e-mail inbox


Around a month ago (we're not sure what changed at that time), we all noticed the following:


  • Sent e-mails from the shared/team e-mail address were appearing in the Sent Items folder of our own e-mail address
  • Rules were not working within the shared/team e-mail address ("The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found.")
  • When we were inside the team account and started a new e-mail, the 'From' box was always our own e-mail address and not the team e-mail address


An I.T. admin came along and confirmed we all have full access to the team inbox, so the issues shouldn't be occurring.


He deleted the profiles and re-added them but to no avail.


He changed the DelegateSentItemsStyle registry key to "1" and this solved the Sent Items folder issue.


However, Rules can still not be created (unless we create the rule from within Outlook on the Web!) and the default 'From' e-mail address is still incorrect.


Do you have guys have any other ideas?

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