Owner of Old Saybrook seafood market boiling mad about lobster picture

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Jim K

OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. (WTNH) — The lobster tanks at Atlantic Seafood are packed for the holiday weekend. They do a lot of special orders there, but what happened to one special order recently has the owner boiling.


“That’s not part of their jobs, it’s not what we pay for, it’s not how we feel protected,” said owner Lisa Feinman.


She was furious when she saw a picture taken by a TSA agent at Logan Airport. The agent is smiling while he holds a 15-pound lobster by its claws.



She had carefully packed the 15-pounder along with a dozen other smaller lobsters on top of it.


“We put paper with saltwater on them just to kind of keep them wet keep them moist,” said Feinman.


Her customer, who was bringing the lobsters to Georgia, checked the duct-taped cooler of crustaceans which just made the fifty pound weight limit.




“Really an abuse of privacy of rights,” Senator Richard Blumenthal, (D) Connecticut, told News 8. “An invasion of privacy that is inexcusable and I’m going to be asking the TSA for answers as to why these TSA agents made a joke of it.”




Full article at WTNH News 8


So, I guess the TSA can just take pictures of personal possessions (not just contraband) and post them on the internet.  Not to mention that pack the lobster wrong (placing the 20 pounder on top of all the other smaller lobsters).

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TSA has the right to go in the bag, so they need to get over that.  Taking a picture might be going to far, since it's not a banned item that the public "needs" to be informed not to bring.  Since it was posted on an official TSA page, they essentially sanctioned the action by the original officers, so this is all on upper management.

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