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+warwagon    9,942

I don't know about anyone else but recently on Facebook, i've been noticing photos with a play button. When you click on them you get a progress bar. It's just a picture yet for some reason they post it as a video.


Anyone else notices that recently?


Here is one example



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dragontology    347

I've seen this. And sometimes it is just text.


Call me paranoid, but I am willing to bet a video, just by virtue of being a video (even though it's just a single still image), can get dodgy like farming sites more money than a still image.


The other option is there's a jump scare, or some other 'change' that is meant to deceive or confuse the person, like letters shifting around or something to that effect. I've never seen this, but that's the only reason I can think a reasonable person would do this. If it's viral (triple digit likes/reactions), it's gotta be the above or similar.

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HoochieMamma    528

Oh man I thought I was the only person noticing this. It's so annoying. I had the impression it was for making money somehow as well.

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