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All Volvo cars will be electric or hybrid within two years

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Jim K    9,393

First major automaker to stop selling combustion only vehicles.



Volvo is best known for building cars that are safe and beloved by flower children, but it now has a new distinction. Every car it unveils by 2019 will have an electric motor, either as an all-electric EV, plug-in hybrid or hybrid, making it the first major automaker to stop selling cars with only gas or diesel engines. "This announcement marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car," said Volvo Cars CEO Håkan Samuelsson in a statement.


Just last week, Volvo rededicated its Polestar performance division to electric cars, but the news that all of its vehicles will be electrified in some way comes out of the blue. Volvo has been behind the curve in that area -- so far, the it built a handful of hybrid cars, and not a single full-on EV. In 2015, it announced that its first series 40 electric cars would arrive in 2019.


The company is planning to launch five EVs between 2019 and 2021 -- two will be rubber-burning Polestars, but three will be more sedate Volvo models. Those will be supplemented by gasoline and diesel plug-in hybrids that can run you to work or get groceries without using the gas engine. It'll also unveil new "mild-hybrid" cars that run mostly on gas or diesel, using the electric motor to save energy via regenerative breaking and coasting.



(the did spell "breaking" wrong in their article...doh)


Full article at engadget


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anthdci    161

Make total sense. All manufacturers should really be going this way, especially with plugin hybrids, with the growing number of people with roof mounted solar panels. Not sure on the mild-hybrids though, seems like a bit of a way out and to still market themselves as environmentally friendly. 

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