Connecticut man vandalized elementary school with anti-Trump messages to frame liberals

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A Trump supporter in Connecticut found himself behind bars for vandalizing a West Hartford elementary school playground with anti-Trump messages, telling police he had hoped it looked like the graffiti was done by liberals.

Steven Marks, 32, confessed to the crime after police released a video showing him riding a bike to Morley Elementary School with his dog, the Hartford Courant reports.

In the arrest warrant, Marks said he was at the playground to play fetch with his dog when he found a green sharpie on the ground and "had the dumb idea to vandalize the school with what would seem to be liberal hate speech."


According to authorities, on June 15 Marks scrawled messages like "Kill Trump," "Left is best," "Bernie Sanders 2020" and "Death to Trump" on the playground's welcome sign, a bench, a "Little Free Library" book shelter and other areas. Marks told officers he wrote the anti-Trump messages "out of anger towards liberals," the arrest warrant stated. He also said liberals break major laws every day and are "disrespectful towards our government."

Marks, who is pro-Trump, told police that he had hoped it looked like the graffiti was done by the "Left" and he would "never harm the President or any member of government."

"It was just a stupid thing I did at the time," he told the Hartford Courant on Friday. "I did write a letter of apology to the principal of the school. I offered to clean it up."

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