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Mindovermaster    934

I had a friend say that if you have a 60Hz monitor, that above 60FPS, you do not see any difference above that. To save electricity, usage, etc.


Then I looked on Google. It says that 60Hz is really half of that's on 30FTP.


So, who's right?


If you need more info, let me know.

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Ishanx    24

A quick Google search to convey things more eloquently than I could:



This is always told wrong. If you do not have V-sync on, and you have 70 FPS, as an example, with a 60hz screen, you will indeed see 70 FPS, but there will be many partial frames shown. While the monitor updates its image and a new frame comes in, as a result of rendering frames faster than the monitor refresh rate, the monitor will shift to a new frame before it has a chance to display the whole image.

The frame is shown, just not a complete frame. A 60hz monitor can only show 60 complete frames, but if you have 70 FPS, you'll end up seeing 70 frames at an average of 60/70 of each of those frames.

At 120 FPS, you'll see 120 half frames on average.

Obviously a 120hz monitor is better.

NOTE: if you do not use V-sync, no matter what your FPS are, you get screen tearing.


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LaP    1,765



60Hz means your monitor refresh itself 60 times every second. So even if you have 200 fps you wont see 200 different images on your screen you'll just see 60 of those.


This said having over 60 fps is not necessarily useless. For one fps can fluctuate so having over 60 is more bullet proof for a constant 60 fps experience on 60hz. Also while the monitor can't show more than 60 images the game is still rendered at more than that so it can reduce input lag.


But trying to display more (or less) frames than a multiple (1x, 2x, 0.5x, 0.25x, ...) of what your monitor can display will in most case induce tearing. Some people hate tearing and some people don't care or even in some case don't even see it. Personally i can't stand any level of tearing at all. I hate tearing with a very strong passion. Without FreeSync or Gsync to avoid tearing if the fps is higher than the display capabilities often you have to turn vsync on which will limit the fps to 60/30/15 and take care of the timing.

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ThaCrip    240

Just for 60fps in general... that's point i can't notice any higher as i consider 60fps basically perfect as it's liquid smooth movement.


with that said... who knows what the pro gamers feel like on the extreme details but i can't imagine the vast majority of players (since they won't be that high up pro level to where the littlest details won't help them) really caring about frame rates above 60fps to say 100fps etc (well, other than the fact there system is more future proofed since if games are running at 120fps even as things advance they still got a decent buffer there before games in the future struggle to hit 60fps on their system). like it doubt it's going to be noticeably better for most people going from say 60fps to 120fps.


i see frame rates like this in general...


30fps-ish = playable

60fps = perfect


then you got the in between frame rates of those two things.


also, i tend to leave V-Sync on because of screen tearing which also seems to cap the frame rate to monitors refresh rate of which my monitor is 60hz.


as for saving electricity... yeah, that's true because look at it this way, say you cap your game to 60fps (which if your monitor is 60hz it will cap it to 60fps with V-Sync ON) and your GPU is say capable of drawing 120fps. that scenario means... your GPU simply won't be maxed out (it will probably be running around 50% of it's capability but will fluctuate some during the game because some scenes are more complex to draw and ones that are easier to draw takes less GPU power) and will use less watts to play the game. hence, saving electricity.


p.s. i have no clue what '30FTP' means off the top of my head.

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