Your avatar sucks.


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1 hour ago, epple said:

Mine seems to have gone missing, have had it practically since the beginning of time.





Hope I am not warned :p

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Testing testing...

Who is that guy? :D I lost my avatar AND I HAVE NO COPY:( 
(that guy is me from an old facebook photo...)

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    • By Steven P.
      Previously, mobile comments were hard to moderate because all of the icons were bunched up together, and likes were not even visible.
      Example (old way)

      And now:

      On mobile, likes no longer cause the other icons to move around or get added on a second line.
      The update was also moved to the desktop view:

      Comment management tools, such as edit and report at the top must be hovered over to see them, this keeps the comments looking cleaner.

      Not hovered on ^^
    • By Steven P.
      Alternating row colors in topic lists. Guests can now select light and dark mode in the forums (and on the main site). All of the forums here: now show participation guidelines in full at the top of each forum. Outdated pinned topics unpinned. Relevant pinned topics that were auto-locked -> unlocked. Group colors for members in posts are now their correct colors again (thanks @DaveLegg). Removed dupe group name (text) from posts under the member badge. Enabled ability to post Anonymously in several forums (more on that below). Added a "Restricted (no Anonymous posts)" group in ACP for those who abuse the feature Beautified theme switcher for guests:
      Fixed link color in Dark mode (see theme switcher menu in above image). Fixed our favicon (forums)
      Anonymous posting
      I have enabled the ability for members to be able to post anonymously in most forums

      As you can see above I started a thread anonymously, this will be good for a number of reasons, maybe you don't want your account linked with your political leanings, or maybe you want to leak something that shouldn't be traced to your member account, maybe you want to vent about your boss or company you work at without someone linking you to the member account (even though such places can't be accessed by guests). There are a number of reasons, however, do know that all Neowin forum staff will know which member anonymously posted, and it may not be used to victimize or abuse other members, if this happens warnings will be handed out in accordance with our forum rules.
      Some forums do not have anonymous posting available, such as the entire Technical Help and assistance category, Introduce yourself > movie ratings, or anywhere where topic starters are specifically not supposed to be anonymous. 
      I switched myself back to the light mode theme because I've been tweaking it a bit. For example, we now have a light and dark mode switch that guests can use, and I've brought back alternating row colors in topic lists, plus it is the default theme for guests, so it must look great!
    • By Steven P.
      For some reason, it was never ported back to the forum theme, which instead had a massive list of white or dark topics.
      Next up I am going to see if I can get alternating post colors working again. 
      This is a follow up to this change made earlier: 
    • By Steven P.
      I have enabled a theme switcher for guests so they can choose between Light and Dark mode, and I have set the Light mode back to default.
      I am going to work on it in the coming weeks and tone it down a bit, because it is rather bright!
      Guests can find the theme switcher at the top right of the forums (this is also already possible on the main news site).
    • By Steven P.
      Not everyone is a fan of a dark theme, so we've made it more obvious how people can switch right in the header, it's in the same spot when logged in too and it will now remember your choice properly so long as you allow site (Neowin) cookies.
      We will also do this for the forums, I need to first look into how to do this properly for guests since they don't have access to the theme switcher menu.