Auto Connecting DSL on windows startup (XP)

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Does anybody know how to get your netwrk connection to initalize automaticly when WinXP loads up?

I tried making a shortcut to the "My ISP" network icon and placing it in the C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsStartup but it still doesn't start at load up... at one point I managed to get it to start up automaticly but like 3 minuits after windows loads.


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Goto Services. Find Network Connections right click and make it automatic. :)

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Steven P.

WinXP loads Network connections a little later than Explorer, so your startup menu will be empty until the Connection is "enabled", most of the time, when the connection is available the startup folder has already executed, thus making it too late.

What you can do is start IE BEFORE opening DSL, you will get an autologin prompt which you can enable ;)

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