Think the Xbox One Elite Controller is expensive? Razer has something to say about that

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Razer has announced a new Xbox One controller which will come with customisable RGB lighting, adjustable triggers and a choice of interchangeable analogue sticks and D-pads. It’s become obvious to Razer that we don’t pay enough for our controllers, so Razer is putting the world to rights with its new Razer Wolverine Ultimate which is going to be sold for a whopping £160. Yes, what a stupid name.


Buying a controller for a console is generally quite an expensive affair. An Xbox One controller is £49.99 (the same price as a DualShock 3, weirdly) and an Xbox One Elite controller will set you back £119.99. Which is just silly. But nothing comes close to the astronomical price bar Razer has set with this controller. But at least you can use it with your PC too.


For paying such a high-entry price you’ll get customisable RGB lighting, swappable thumbsticks and D-pad, a rubber grip and a carry case. This is all backed up by a 12-month warranty. Thanks, chaps. Taking into account the RGB lighting, Razer is intent on gamers being as bright as buttons.


The Razer founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan, is clearly oblivious to competitive pricing, saying that, ‘thanks to endless design iterations and pro-gamer feedback, we're proud to be finally releasing a new contender for the crown’.

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I still want to buy it. :) It appears to be a very versatile controller, it is only about $10 more than the Elite Controller, and it will go nice with my new Xbox One X. :) 

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I love my Elite, but that is pretty sick too. I am glad it is an officially supported controller too.

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If this ever goes on a good sale, I'll pick it up. Only downside to this are those integrated mic controls; I wouldn't be able to attach a chat pad to this like I do with my elite.

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