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Draconian Guppy

is there anyway to get rid of album art displaying in the gallery? This is so annoying
So far, renaning cover art to folder.jpg does not work Adding a .nomedia file into a folder will cause the mediascanner to skip that folder (and all sub-folders) so they won't show up in the gallery app. Unfortunately, that also means the folder won't show up in the stock music player either. And content lock, well, is the long and annoying way. There used to be an option to hide individual folders in my g3 and g4. :/

Some have suggested to stop using gallery or google photos, but installing an app to get rid of a problem that shouldn't be there to begin with!
Man how has google let this go on for long. heck my old iphone 3Gs was able to tell apart from album art and cameraroll.


Its the little things android...  

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Been using QuickPic for years.  Much better than the Gallery (which is no longer available on stock Android).  Can hide folders and such.

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+NJ Louch

Why do you have a jpeg within the folder?  Just tag your MP3s with artwork?

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