What's considered "reckless" driving in California. And what exactly are the penalties?

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Alright guys I'm asking for a friend ;)  He's located in Southern California and he's seduced by the freeways late at night. He's young and stupid (18) and he's been stopped once before in an off the highway incident going about 65 in a 45. Didn't get a ticket, not even a warning (It was pretty late at night and no one was around) but it got him thinking about how he drives on the freeway. Sometimes he goes a little fast......... doubling the speed limit (it's 70 all across Cali). He's just wondering if you guys have any stories of going fast in California and if you guys have managed to get out of it. I'm sure most of you have watched Superspeeders Rob or something like that but he doesn't have money to spend on lawyers like he does. And he's not going to run in a car. You can't get away with that ###### in SC we have too many cops on the freeway for that. And also if you've been caught going fast and not given a break what were the consequences like? I think anything over 100 is considered reckless right?

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