WinXP Corp + Promise RAID ??

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I am installing win XP corp on 2x40gb's, one on each ata-100 bus and set up as a single raid 0 striped array as usual.

however, even when i specify the Promise Fasttrack100 drivers in the 3rd party driver setup, the XP installer continues up until asking me if i want to do a new install or a repair, and on selecting new, it says i have no hard disks installed.

what is going on here ? is this a bug in XP or is it something i am doing wrong ?

any help / fixes GREATLY appreciated

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I had the same problem on my A7V133A mobo. I couldn't use any of the 3rd party drivers. I could only use the ones on the CD that came with my mobo.

Made a floppy with drivers on the disk. During the installation I specified the floppy, and it continued without a hitch.

Tell me if u need any more info.

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