September - Nexus / Pixel Factory Android Images now live

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+Eternal Tempest    845


This update should fix the BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerabilities.


(Edit) Applied the OTA to my Nexus 6, ran the BlueBorne Scanner, indicated it's now safe.

(Edit 2) Applied the OTA manually via adb.



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techbeck    7,578

I got notification of an update earlier.  But when I checked the site, Sept was not there.  First time that has happened.  I normally get the notification on my phone a week or so after.

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techbeck    7,578

So I DLed the latest factory image for the N 6p.  OPR6.170623.017.  After I flashed via fastboot, damn phone kept saying there was an update and the notification would not go away.  So I flashed again and let the phone update via OTA.  Version after was OPR6.170623.019.  So the latest factory image for the 6p is not yet available. 

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    • By +Eternal Tempest
      This is my initial impression of the Essential Phone. 
      This is not a full review of the phone.
      Appearance / Build
      Beautiful appearance / shiny ceramic & fingerprint magnet.
      Fingerprint sensor is great location on the back / middle.
      This phone, is very slippery on smooth surfaces.
      Widows Peak / Camera Hump
      Cleverly implemented
      If an app has been designed to recognize essential phone (which gets added to an internal white list via an app update in Play Store) you will see the camera bump in the app, but it will not interfere with the app.
      You can spot these apps where it's a white circle with the app icon inside.  
      Apps that don't recognize the essential phone, it creates artificial black bevel and app appears normal. 
      Similar to Google Pixel launcher (Swipe up for apps)
      Running 7.1.1 w/ September Update (as of this post)
      Boot loader can be unlocked.
      They have released the kernel source code, and wifi driver.
      USB-C to Headphone Adapter
      Only certain ones will work, it has to have a DAC in it.
      I've experienced a firmware update on the adapter when plugging it in to the phone. 
      Not tested the adapter / sound quality. 
      Resources for essential owners
      Essential also does a by-weekly reddit ama
      Interested in buying one, things to look for
      The speaker grill at the top could be a cloth (early) or metal (latter). 
      Essential is taking RMA's if the cloth is missing. 
      Cases... are hard to find, it's emerging that the Essential Phone PH-1 Case, TUDIA is one of the better ones.
      The factor images will be released.
      Andriod 8 public beta is probably within next two months.
      Anyone have any questions I may be able to answer?
    • By JustinCharlier
      'BlueBorne' malware spreads to devices using Bluetooth
      by Justin L.

      The typical malware as we know it today is usually contracted through malicious links or file downloads that will, in turn, deploy code to infect the host device. These are most commonly acquired through the internet. However, a new strain of recently discovered malware has an ability to spread via Bluetooth, which is currently estimated to be available on 8.2 billion devices.

      Dubbed 'BlueBorne,' the malicious program, according to Armis Labs, is a collection of eight zero-day vulnerabilities which allow hackers to leverage Bluetooth connections and take complete control of a device. Since it relies on the wireless standard alone, it has the ability to infect desktops, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, or any other device that allows Bluetooth connections, without the need to pair.

      With this in consideration, anyone with an infected device can unknowingly spread the malware to others. This simplicity makes it possible for hackers to conduct cyber espionage, data theft, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks, create IoT botnets, and deploy ransomware.

      Armis further notes that BlueBorne affects devices running the operating systems of Google, Microsoft, and Apple. A security update was provided for Android partners in early August and was made part of the September patches. Microsoft, meanwhile, has a fix for the vulnerabilities in the update it released for all versions of Windows 10, with more details available here. Lastly, the vulnerability was already mitigated by Apple in iOS 10. However, those running 9.3.5 and lower remain at risk.

      All things considered, it is apparently no longer enough to simply be careful of what we do online. BlueBorne shows that even when offline, malware can spread from one device to another without our knowledge. It is advised to switch off Bluetooth when not in use, as this will not only help save power, but will also help prevent attacks such as these in the future.

      Source: Armis

    • By Rippleman
      In April 2017, my mother is taking a 2 week trip to Machu Picchu. She is computer illiterate and I am trying to find a solution that will allow here to take as many photos and videos as she wants without having to worry about running out of space on her phone.  She does NOT know how to unload her phone into a computer - which I do every few months for her - and will not be taking her laptop because of the reason previously mentioned. So, here is the question:
      Is there an app that specifically has a one-click "send my photos to USB" for android? I was thinking maybe just to send her with an andriod based handset with a external portable hard drive that she can plugin and press one button and have everything on the phone (camera) sent to it.  

      If no app like that exists, I may just buy her 3 - 128 gig memory cards and teach her to swap out when full.
    • By Ak Viper
      Hello everyone!
      I'am currently believing that the mobile gaming genre on youtube is dying out very harshly, as I noticed from app reviewers or app first gameplay youtubers are struggling or gave up on thier youtube channel, I knew that there were a few sucessful mobile gamers but they don't really invest into the game they simple play once or twice then move on.
      Another reason why I think the Youtube Mobile Gaming is dying is not proper screen recorder, most screen recorders require jail broken or rooted devices, but if thier is they are either fake or give 20 seconds then you have to 7 dollars and they end up scamming the person or a big crash or glicthes start appering.
      I'am personally a Mobile Gaming Youtuber myself and I find that a large amount of people arent very into these kinda of videos but its the only platform which I can recorder without it looking like crap ( I dont have a screen recorder) If you are wanting to checkout my channel heres the link:
      I would also like to hear what you have to say so post your general idea on why you agree or disagree with me
    • By SreejithKM
      Friends :) ,
      Im searching for a tablet under $500. Need some serious help from you guys.
      1. Value for money
      2. Android JB or Windows 8
      3. Good Hardware specs
      4. 3G or Lte supported (not madate)
      I was planning to go for Sony Xperia Tablet Z but had to drop it because of the shipping date and no 3G :( (Loved it :heart: )
      Thanks a lot :)