multiple hard drives appearing as one

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capr    36

Hey all. 


I have 2 5400 RPM 2 TB disks and 1 7200 RM 2TB disk. as well as 1 512gb SSD. 


Now, I have my OS and a couple of games on the SSD but the rest of my files are spread all across my drives... all kinds of media, backups, ect. ect. I have done a terrible job organizing things.


What I am looking for is a way to make all 3x2TB drivers appear as 1 very large 6 TB driver and I want windows to be in charge of which driver it stores files on. I don't want a raid setup that spreads data across the drivers. i.e. if 1 fails, only the files on it are gone, not everything. 


Is this possible? can windows or some 3rd party program be smart enough to move files around between the 7200 RPM drive and the 5400 RPM drivers depending on usage?


all suggestions are welcome.

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+BudMan    3,084

check out drivepool by stablebit..  Been using it for years - does EXACTLY what your asking for!!! Plus More!!!

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