magnet links stopped working after Windows 10 enforced update.

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AquaMaria    0


this has been driving me crazy for several weeks already.

some time ago (around a month i guess) magnet links just stopped working - as in I couldn't click on them any more.

i searched around the net but i could only find one person asking a similar question (with no working reply).

any ideas guys?

i can only presume that something happened after those god damned annoying enforced updates by windows 10 but as a non techie i can't be sure either way.

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+DevTech    1,089

1. Reinstall or update the program you use that responds to a magnet link (presumably a Torrent Client)


2. There are quite a few shady torrent proggies out there which might have been damaged by Ant-Malware so you could try using a safe beyond reproach program like Tixati.


3. The Browser can also be the problem so every browser has a settings page for what it does with each type of link. Look at that.


4. Try a different browser as an experiment or update the one you are using


5. Highly unlikely to be Windows 10 O/S doing this.


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