can i create an usbstick to update my macs & MacBook Pro

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drugo    6


i have 2 imacs and 1 MacBook Pro

i have download sierra last update from my imac ,and it takes a lot to download

i know many users can transfer the os in my case sierra last update on an usbstick to upgrade other macs

i would like to update the second imac and MacBook Pro , to be faster and not wait hours to download


is there a way to copy my download on usb stick and upgrade my macs via usb?

how can i do it? and what tool should i use



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Nick H.    8,273

Can't you download the update from the Mac website?


They also give advice on how to create a bootable installer for the OS:


Edit: I realize that it requires downloading the file again, but I don't think there is a way to get the information from the update that you initially downloaded unless it downloaded as a .dmg file (or whatever the filetype may be).

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