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iOS 11 voicemail red dot is not going away.

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A Real American!    187

Hey guys,

I have a 7 plus. And I’m running iOS 11 (clean install). Until today morning every thing was fine. Then I got a voicemail as I missed someone’s call. I called my voicemail and deleted it. No more messages. However, the red dot still shows that I do have a voicemail.


Here’s what I have done so far:

I called voicemail and deleted the voice mail several times. 

I did reset network settings. 

I did reboot my phone. 

I put my phone in airplane mode.

I removed +1 in front of my phone number in settings. I.e  +1 (123)-456-7890 to (123)-456-7890. 

Hard reset. 

Turn off/ on notification badges. 

None of the above helped me. 


So here I am seeking the soulution to this annoying problem. Pls help thanks. 


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