Any software or training for a Linux Deep Dive?

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Hi all,


I was wondering if there was free software or online training or videos that will give a deep dive on Linux that will go in dept about everything. I recently setup a media center that was made from an older computer that is running linux. From that experience I realized how much more I really need to know compared to what I thought I knew from setting up other systems.

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IMHO, books are useless. You just need to look up what you want to know, not remember every "-e" for everything. I know there are several cheat sheets out there for a quick reference.


Unless someone else knows anything... @Unobscured Vision

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Unobscured Vision

There's lots and lots of information. The Tips N' Tricks thread has loads of "deep-dive" information to get someone started. The shell script reference alone is worth its' weight in gold, far more capable than the Windows Command Shell is.


I recommend anyone looking to deep-dive into 'nix learns to operate the CLI first. :yes: 

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