America’s Long History of Warfare

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techbeck    5,661
Just now, Brys said:

It might be better if it were closed, though ?

I would agree considering that as soon as the mod said to keep insults out of here, the next reply was insulting someone for their comment.

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+ctebah    3,160
11 minutes ago, Daedroth said:

You realise that the US isn't alone in those conflicts, so to put the responsibility solely on them is childish.

I never said otherwise but let’s revisit the conflicts the US is involved in:








Ok, so back to the original argument, where I asked someone to point me to a county that’s causing as much harm around the world.  Out of the remaining 194 countries, surely there’s one that’s involved in more than 5 conflicts?


And why is it always that those that don’t contribute nothing to the topic are asking for it to be closed?  Are you people that salty?

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