HDMI or Mini DisplayPort to HDMI for my TV?


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Okay, so my graphics card has 2x Mini DisplayPort, 1x HDMI, and 1x DVI. For some reason I can't recall, my monitor is connected via a VGA cable to a VGA/DVI converter, and the screw in things don't work, so it keeps falling out. Picture seems fine on the monitor at 1920x1080. I have an HDMI cable going from my video card to my TV. The computer sits between my monitor and TV, so it's a desktop gaming PC and an HTPC, pulling double duty. The only real problem with this setup, aside from the cable coming out sometimes, is some copy protected content won't play on my monitor, because it fails the HDCP check. I'm not too worried about this. The big offender here is VUDU, and I can play that on the Xbox. Amazon doesn't seem to care, and since Disney sort of unified everyone with Movies Anywhere, I can go around Vudu or just use the Xbox. (Xbox One as an HTPC is super viable if you get the media remote from PDP. I love that thing.) So I'm not worried about failing HDCP. All I'm worried about is the plug falling out.


Simple solution, AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort to HDMI. It's $8.95 and I have Prime. First question, is this the best cable for me here? My monitor does not have speakers; on the PC, the sound is handled by a 2.1 (stereo+sub) speaker. Logitech, with the inline volume control. So that's why VGA/DVI has been fine, audio signal to the monitor would be dropped at the monitor. I don't think it has audio out. That would be too convenient, you know. Second question: When I get the cable, assuming it's the best cable for me, which display gets what cable? I know they both carry audio, and they both carry a full HD, HDCP compliant signal. So, does it matter? Easy to pull the VGA and DVI adapter out and replace with the HDMI/MiniDP cable, but would I see an advantage in running that to the TV and running the HDMI cable to the monitor instead?

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