Win10 restoring opened apps on boot/reboot

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adrynalyne    8,153
4 minutes ago, C0RR0SIVE said:

Stop thinking with the power user mentality for a bit, and think with the typical user mentality?  The security issue is there, whether you believe it or not.  Not hard to fathom someone breaking company policies by taking a laptop home and letting their kid hop onto the laptop to play some stupid game, the kid gets used to this, then decides to drag the machine out of the bag and fire it up while mommy or daddy is cooking dinner.

I could turn my eyes on it, because most things are behind a secure website, or not accessible typically at launch, however, the moment a browser pops up, auto-logs into a secure website and navigates to a page because it was told to do so by the OS... That is when I can't turn my eye anymore.

There needs to be an option to disable this behavior in the OS.

The typical user mentality is what causes security problems more often than not. Tell me, how, when sharing a user account, apps reopening on boot cause a security issue? Any app requiring a password will be stuck at a password prompt. Any secure web page will be stopped by asking for password too, unless the password is saved in the browser, a security issue introduced by the user. 


The idea that closed apps or web pages not yet navigated to is a boon for security is misleading. Security by obscurity only works for so long, if at all. 


I agree it needs to have an option to disable, but security isn’t a valid reason for it. That people may not want it is a valid reason however. 

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