Quoting and responding not working..??


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When I quote and respond in this thread it is not working.  Cleared my cache, etc.  Happens using Edge and Firefox 57.0b10 (64-bit).



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    • By Usama Jawad96
      Microsoft's Outlook IMAP login issue is affecting several third-party email clients
      by Usama Jawad

      Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a standard protocol utilized to read email. After someone siginto to their email account, the client uses an OAuth token to communicate with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers for the exchange of emails. However, it appears that there has recently been an issue where Outlook's IMAP service is rejecting OAuth-based logins.

      The issue was brought to the attention of Neowin by Robert Virkus, who is the developer of the third-party email client, Maily. Apparently, many third-party apps such as Maily, eM Client, Aqua Mail, and Fair Email can't communicate to the Outlook service, which means that new accounts can't be added and emails can't be exchanged. Interestingly, the Gmail app on Android is not affected.

      Virkus reported the issue to Microsoft on September 24 with some error details, and the company confirmed on September 26 that the problem does exist as stated, and that its teams are working on a fix.

      Today, Microsoft offered a temporary workaround where it recommended that if an Outlook account has been added as IMAP, it should be changed to Exchange temporarily. Virkus responded to the Redmond tech giant that for many developers, changing the protocol of an email client is not possible so an official and permanent fix should be provided. The company's latest response is as follows:

      If you're using a third-party email client and are experiencing issues communicating with Outlook servers, this is probably the reason. Microsoft has not yet indicated an ETA for when a fix will be available and it's already been four days since the issue was reported. The company's official responses can be seen here.

    • By Normal
      The freeze isn't techically a "freeze", when it happens like for example in video games everyone who i'm playing with  freezes but I can still move around and when it stops after a few seconds i also notice i have moved, but to a completelty diffrent  spot from where i was moving when it was frozen.It also happens on the web for example in google meet classes, where i can still move my mouse, but I can't hear anyone and they're camera either freezes or turns off completely. If you have even a slight idea how this could be fixed, please tell me.
    • By Usama Jawad96
      'Hey Google' on Wear OS has been broken for months, but a fix is finally in the works
      by Usama Jawad

      Wear OS is Google's platform for wearables, and actually only one of the two which supports Google Assistant functionality. The other one being Fitbit, which Google now owns too. While many claim that the firm neglects Wear OS, the platform does receive updates from time to time. However, a new report now claims that the "Hey Google" functionality has been broken on the operating system for several months, with Google only now starting to work on a fix.

      9to5Google has cited multiple Reddit and Google Issue Tracker threads which indicate that the "Hey Google" and "OK Google" functionalities are broken on Wear OS. These voice commands are used to immediately trigger Google Assistant and enable ease of access rather than having to physically interact with the wearable.

      To be fair, Google Assistant still works but now users have to manually fidget with their device's physical or on-screen controls in order to immediately trigger it. This arguably defeats much of the purpose of having a voice-controlled assistant on your smartwatch.

      The good piece of news is that Google has finally acknowledged the flaw and confirmed that it is working on a fix. In a statement to The Verge, the company indicated that it is "aware of the issues some users have been encountering" and will assist partners and OEMs in fixing the problem. It remains to be seen how long Google will take to resolve the issue, but having a major bug on Wear OS for months and not acknowledging it until widespread backlash certainly does not instill confidence in the operating system.

    • By Usama Jawad96
      Apple is investigating an issue related to 'pink squares' with the M1 Mac mini
      by Usama Jawad

      Apple announced the M1 Mac mini in November 2020, promising 3 times faster CPU speeds, 6 times the GPU performance (with support for 6K displays), and 15 times the machine learning performance over the previous generation. While the performance of the Apple Silicon chip has been praised, the company is reportedly investigating an issue where "pink squares" appear when the new Mac mini is connected to a display.

      Multiple threads on Apple's forums have cited an issue where random pink squares appear on the display when the M1 Mac mini is connected via the HDMI port rather than the Thunderbolt. One such thread has over 500 endorsements from users who faced the same issue. The forum post mentions that:

      While the culprit behind the issue is currently unknown, MacRumors has obtained an internal memo, dated February 19, which indicates that Apple is investigating the problem. In the meantime, the following troubleshooting steps have been mentioned in the memo:

      Put the Mac mini to sleep Wait two minutes and wake the Mac mini Unplug the display from the Mac mini, and then plug the display back in Adjust the display's resolution in System Preferences > Displays As Apple has not publicly acknowledged the investigation yet, it is unclear as to when a fix will be released. That said, it should be sooner rather than later given that the company is actively looking into it.

      Source: MacRumors

    • By Vindicta
      my laptop has an AMD ryzen 7 4800H with integrated AMD radeon graphics, a GTX 1660 TI, my OS is in windows 10. My laptop has a 144hz display and an external monitor (60hz) that is connected to my laptop which works PERFECTLY FINE before everything.

      So on my laptop screen, DOTA 2 was open while in my external monitor/display, I have my Discord and website open. I was just watching youtube vids when suddenly my monitor froze then laptop display turned blue with text saying " ;( windows ran into a problem" or something like that. At first I thought it was the fabled blue screen that breaks your computer but to my suprise it just automatically restarted my laptop, upon typing my password on my lockscreen, I noticed that my external monitor isn't working and that my laptop display looks weird. So, I asked a friend and told me to check my device manager and I saw that my AMD Radeon Graphics has this "code 43" thing, so he said to just update my drivers and update my windows software, so I did all that and its still there. I did a little exploring myself on my laptop and found that my laptop display was using MS basic display and that it was on 1hz, now I was panicking because I was thinking that my driver is broken or gone, so he told me to try using the one on the AMD website that updates drivers, and so I did that but still nothing. As for the monitor, I tried trouble shooting it, connecting-disconnecting it, force detecting with settings, using the "add device" button under "Bluetooth and other devices"  still nothing, I really dont know what to do. I dont even know what happened before the blue screen

      I seen people uninstall their drivers then install it or using the roll back options but idk, what if something happened to my laptop, I dont wanna risk it ;(