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It's an ex phone! Apple fans show pictures and footage of their smashed iPhone X

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techbeck    7,353

At least three Apple fans in China have posted pictures and footage showing their smashed iPhone X after allegedly dropping their brand new gadgets.


The much-anticipated handset, priced from £999 in the UK and £1,119 in China, only went on sale today worldwide.


iPhone X uses the same glass material as iPhone 8, which is said to be hardest and most durable ever for a smartphone, but a popular tech reviewer pointed out after a drop test that 'glass is glass and it's gonna break if it's dropped'.


Footage emerged today on Weibo, a Twitter-like Chinese social media site, shows a silver dual camera-equipped iPhone X with a complete cracked screen and back.


A man can be heard joking about the smashed phone: 'Does it look better now? It's more unique, haha.' 





It has already started.   People will need to be extra careful with the 1k price point on these devices.


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