Hyper-V on Win10 pro: Slow virtual CPU

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sinetheo    514

I was running Windows update on a Windows Server 2016 guest on Windows 10 pro: Creators update November update build15063 and noticed it was taking very long to run a Windows update.


I logged into the VM and noticed the reported CPU speed was only 2.6 ghz and showed near maxed. My CPU is clocked at 4.1 ghz and it's normal base speed is 3.5 ghz. The Hyper-V Manager has cpu utilization at 100% of cpu resources. Does anyone know if this was a feature added or a bug where it is ignoring my cpu settings? How do I set htis back so it can use 100% of the CPU speed for the cores assigned?

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sc302    1,434



I have had a lot of issues with virtualization on amd processors. Gone to solely intel due to spiked processor even with one guest os

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