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WIndows 10 Mapped Drives Weird Issue - GPO/Not showing in Explorer

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Xendrome    5,582

Ok guys I am dealing with a really weird issue here that I have been unable to figure out for some months.


Setup is, multiple workstations, Windows 10 x64 1709 and two Server 2016 DC/File Servers, was also happening with Server 2008 R2 file server. Mapped drives are set as "Update", and never any problems with Windows 7 clients


Mapped drives are via GPO.

Randomly, a user will login and their mapped drives will be totally, or half missing when viewing in File Explorer. Here's where it gets good... if you do NET USE, they are all mapped.. if you access any shortcut pointing to a file on a mapped drive or folder, works fine. If you go to command prompt and type in the mapped drive name, works fine, you can browse it's contents.


What fixes it temporarily? Admin command prompt and doing a "GPUPDATE /FORCE /SYNC /BOOT" works for a period of time. Or simply CTRL-ALT-DELETE, Task Manager and right clicking on Windows Explorer and doing restart.


There are various reports across google searches with people having this issue from Windows 8.x to 10, with no clear resolution. Here is one for example - https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/ie/en-US/46796109-f493-45fa-a835-d4e6e3c89c9f/drives-mapped-via-gpo-net-use-shows-mapping-but-doesnt-show-up-in-explorer-win-81?forum=w8itpronetworking


And here is a W10 thread - https://partnersupport.microsoft.com/en-us/par_clientsol/forum/par_win/explorer-loses-mapped-drives-after-1703-creators/7cee97c6-a634-45ed-a6c0-c82ea6ff5a62?auth=1


Anyone have any ideas?

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Scotty T    0

We are facing the same issue with drive maps not showing up, and having to kill Explorer to get them back. Has anyone else experienced this, or come up with a fix? Windows 10 related and has happened in every build thus far up to 1803. Thanks!

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