Just realized I've been here for ~11 years.

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I just realized how long I've been here, and how much the forum has changed but at the same time how it hasn't. I know a small number of you all pretty well, have been posting with you for much of that time. But the reality is I've never really participated in this forum beyond two select areas and I kind of feel a bit guilty in that regard. I wish I could have contributed more to other sections and gotten to know other people better by posting outside of just the Gaming and News sections.

People might know me as debater, devil's advocate, stubborn, etc. Though I wonder if it's time to move past just the debates and logical tests I put myself through here and start participating in less conflict driven discussion? I don't know.

Another perspective of how my life has changed in these last near eleven years... I had graduated high school when I joined. In fact, just turned 18 the day prior. I've graduated college with a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media, got and quit my first web design/dev job. Gone from junior software engineer to senior software engineer at my current employer. From single to over four years with my current significant other. Lost a grandparent, my brother and three high school friends are married and one has a child on the way. Both of my dad's businesses have closed their doors permanently.

A lot has happened in this time, and Neowin has been there through all of it. Through all the games and console wars I debated about, to the politics I have more recently become a part of. It's my go-to for advice on computer hardware as well as science news and tech news. I don't go a single day without browsing the articles and the forums because I know and trust what many people here say.

Just wanted to give my thanks back to the community. I get a pretty sad view of things because I tend to trudge around the more heated sections of the forum but I may just try and branch out some more. Especially since many of the members I've talked with (well, to be fair more debated with) here have moved on and upwards in the ranks and are giving back to the community more than I ever had or could hope to do.

In brief, thanks for being around and always giving me a place to return to.

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Yusuf M.

Don't feel guilty! Be happy that you've been a part of an awesome community. I still consider Neowin my home on the internet despite my lack of activity the past few years. I come back from time to time to see how things are going. Sure, it may not be the same as it was before. Nothing ever really stays the same. What I enjoy are the memories and actually being around all those years ago.

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Last month I realized I've been here 10 years.

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