Speeding Car Goes Airborne, Plows Into Second Floor of Building

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Jim K

Ooof.  Could have been worse (narrowly missed t-boning a passing car and a bus).


A car wound up on the second floor of a dental office in Orange County after hitting a median on the street.


The crash happened around 5:25 a.m. near the intersection of French and 17th streets in Santa Ana, the Santa Ana Police Department said in a press release. The white sedan, which was traveling northbound on French Street at high speeds, hit a raised center median on 17th Street and went airborne.


The car caught fire after it went into the building, said Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Stephen Horner. The driver managed to get out, but was left dangling off the bottom of the vehicle until police could catch him, said Daniel Sanchez, who witnessed the crash.



Full article at NBC News



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"Well this time them Duke boys got themselves in a whole heap o`trouble ..." :laugh:

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Well, tooth pain is a bitch.....

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The Neobahn forum is this way.





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