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MacosX style Theme Fos for Windows 7 (2018 version)

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My work is based on the spirit of os X, and not a copy of it. 
Designed, under my personal taste, with new kind of navigation and of traffic buttons, and much more in many sections. 
Also the use of white Text color to the main window  Titlebar area gives a different look than Apple's osx versions,  i tried to give a white text on transparent background as i find this like a challenge.


To the pack included the windows 7 Themes, the new made code, icons and images, contained to modified system files that must replace the original Microsoft system files (for 64bit and 32bit systems), a Theme for RkLauncer so to look as the preview image, a folder with additional icons, and shortcuts like the Flip3d(TaskView3d) so to use them to your system, osx sounds, osx style user account logo images, osx style cursors, osx wallpapers for the Theme and an Installation Instructions Text included.


There 3 kind of Themes including to this ZeusOsX work :
Hybrid100 , Hybrid125 and Pan.

Hybrid100 & Hybrid125 having transparent Start menu and jump list menu, and also stripes if the Windows 7 system files replaced with the new system files containing the new code I have made after many years work continuous development, so you have to replace original system files to use the new 2018 version of code I made (first version of osx style code for windows released at 2010 and finished by me, around 2012).


With new code added to Windows system files , Windows becomes behaving to mouse over selected folders like Mac OS X . 

When forinstance we select a folder as 'icon', we have separate mouse over image for the folder and other image for the text. 

When we select a folder as 'details' we can have stripes, and mouse over images like mac os X , blue hover and white text .

With additional code added the Preview Pane set to Top, and Details Pane set to right (in a similar position like to osx) .

Also Folderband (is the command bar i which is written 'Organise', 'Open' etc) is included to the preview pane.

That means that if we press to the keyboard Alt+P Preview pane appears --> also Folderband at the top of Preview pane.

Now via Folderband we can select 'Organise' -->' layout' and then select which pane we want to appear (for example we select Details pane) or deselect that we dont want.

if we want to disappear Preview Pane we press again to the keyboard Alt+P .




Because of the Windows code limitation and hybrid modifications(transparent Start menu, stripes etc), Hybrid100 & Hybrid125  can be used only to fixed DPI conditions.

Pan theme has the usual aero style Start menu, which is half compact, half transparent to aero mode and has no stripes  but can be used to any DPI condition, using the new system files after replace the original ones. 


The Hybrid100  theme works to : Smaller 100% (Default) DPI.
The Hybrid125  theme works to : Medium 125%  DPI.
The Pan  theme works to Any dpi, but has not stripes, neither complete start menu.




You Use This Visual Styles/themes, and system files and the overall pack , as is, for Personal Use Only to your computer system . I do not allow any modification of the work, or transportation or sharing.

'Officially' to Deviant Art I make themes from 2006, and the development  of the code that is used to this theme is many years work, with adding thousands new parameters and  new images in osx style, and making thousands of experiments, for making it compatible for use and making continuous development of the code.

This is a huge work so please respect it.


Download link is given to my Deviant Art page Text part, so please have a look 

Macos X Fos for Windows 7 Theme




January 2018.




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