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Is the 'Tide Pod Challenge' a Real Thing?

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techbeck    6,921

In January 2018, millions of cable TV viewers had their first encounter with the “Tide pod challenge”—an online and social media phenomenon in which someone with a camera (usually a teenager) films themselves biting into one of the laundry detergent pods. 


“A government watchdog is expressing concern over the dangerous misuse of a laundry detergent,” CBS News reported on 12 January. “In this latest social media fad, teenagers are putting detergent pods in their mouths in what’s being called the ‘Tide Pod Challenge.'”


“I can’t even believe I have to say this right now,” said Good Morning America‘s Diane Macedo. “They are brightly colored and they’re very nicely wrapped, but these Tide pods are not candy or pizza toppings or breakfast cereal—they are not edible.”


We’ve received several enquiries from readers wanting to know whether people really were putting laundry detergent in their mouths on camera. They are.




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+jnelsoninjax    12,065

Who would be dumb enough to even think about trying something that stupid? Do they really need to add warning labels to the product?

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DConnell    6,581

What's the big deal? Anyone stupid enough to do this deserves to remove themselves from the gene pool.

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