BMW Will Reportedly Charge Subscription for Owners to use Apple CarPlay *update*


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4 hours ago, Jim K said:


Car & Driver


Sooo...I guess basically no change from what they previously did (one-time $300 vs. $300 for 20 years).  Just odd.

So realistically this is just a change to the terminology. That the charge was once a fee but is now a (in theory) one time subscription per user?

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  • 4 months later...

Looks like they've reversed course and will no longer charge a fee.



BMW rolled out CarPlay several years ago with a simple but significant advantage other brands couldn't match: the ability to connect an iPhone wirelessly, without a USB cable. That convenience wasn't lost on BMW, which for the 2019 model year turned CarPlay from a $300 stand-alone option into a subscription through its ConnectedDrive suite of app services, at $80 per year or $300 for 20 years. Owners could enjoy complimentary CarPlay for the first year, after which it would be remotely disabled unless the person paid for a subscription.


BMW told Car and Driver that the majority of owners with 2019 model cars are still within their one-year trials and will see the service renew automatically. Anyone who had a trial that expired should now see the service reappear. Anyone who paid for a subscription will be refunded. And finally, anyone who buys a new BMW from this day on won't have to worry—it's standard on all vehicles with navigation.


Car and Driver

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