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(Microsoft) Office Online... what do you recommend me?


The_Prodigy_1982    4

I own a small company, with currently only 1 employee... expecting to hire a few more in the near future (in about 1-1,5 years).
But ok, on to the question;

- Now I'd like to share Excel (and maybe also Word-) files with my colleague, and being able to edit these uploaded files in realtime through my webbrowser, creating a more efficient workflow.
Sending emails back and forth with attachments is just not convenient.

Now I came across the following pages... but for me it doesn't make things very clear.



• Can anyone offer me any good recommendation, on what option would be best for me?

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+Fahim S.    1,032

Both give me a 404 not found error... are you sure you have pasted the links properly?

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