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Add "Convert to 7z" to context menu

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Avenicci    0

Convert and replace zip files (requires 7-Zip).



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Convert to 7z"

@="cmd /v /c title Convert&cd /d \"!programfiles(x86)!\\7-Zip\"&&set \"var=%1\"&&set \"td=!temp!\\convert!random!!random!\"&&set \"tf=!temp!\\convert!random!!random!.7z\"&&7z x \"!var!\" -o\"!td!\" >nul&if !errorlevel! equ 0 ((7z a \"!tf!\" \"!td!\\*\" -t7z -mtm- >nul&&copy /y \"!tf!\" \"!var:~0,-4!.7z\" >nul&&del /f /a \"!var!\")&del /f \"!tf!\"&rmdir /s /q \"!td!\")&if !errorlevel! equ 0 (echo OK&timeout 1 >nul) else (echo Error: !errorlevel!&pause)"


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