Win7 Ultimate (Activation Backup. Is it possible)?

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Hello guys, whats up.

I am in a desperate need of some professional solution from you. You see i have Win7 Ultimate (x32bit) edition installed in my PC.

My machine came pre-installed with Win XP at first. I got a DVD from one of my friend and it was a Win 7 (x32bit) edition Starter Disc.

Please see the image.



I had made an image of Win 7 Ultimate (After inserting Anytime Upgrade Key from Starter to Ultimate) by the default Win7 Backup and Restore function.

I have at least two image (Pretty useless because they already have this indexing problem) .

But again recently that copy of Win 7 Ultimate went bad due to severe indexing problem due to enabling Hibernate function. I had to perform a lot of

"chkdsk" function to set it right. Lets be plain and simple, my pc began to have errors, it became so bad that it showed continued BSOD (Blue Screen).

So with the fear of it showing some sector problems. I had to reformat and install Win 7 again from Starter to Ultimate.

Its really f****d up thing i have to do again and again. I am getting tired and old of these things.

Really! i am getting old for these kind of things. But somewhere here in this post (This is the post) i saw the Activation Settings can be backed up.

So i took time to search few tools like:

  1. ABR (Activation Backup and Restore) Website
  2. Advanced Tokens Manager 3.5 RC5 Website

But these tools work on machine that came out of factory that has OEM license.

I tried the first tool, it didn't work. It couldn't activate Win 7 and the second tool ask to install .Net Framework 4.0.30319.

(Let me tell you i do not have a Activation key for Win7 Ultimate; that friend installed it once and his number count has expired too.)

Which doesn't want to be installed in my PC. It says, "It cannot be installed in this version of Windows". Again pretty useless.

Mine version of Win 7 ( if installed from a Disc will naturally fall on Retail version; Yes)

I could restore those old image and backup those Win 7 Ultimate Activation Settings and apply it on the fresh copy of Win 7. Yes.

So theoretically its possible but i am having difficulties finding those tools.

What i want is, is there a possibility for me to do this.


Awaiting your reply. I have only 3 more days to Activate again. I can again restore the image and do this again and again as i am not

in hurry. But i am also not particularly fond of doing this again and again.

Any suggestion would be of great help to me.

I do not know if it can be done. Have you faced such situation.




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Have you tried calling Microsoft to activate it? That is an OEM copy so technically the license is only valid for the machine it's first installed on but they've been known to bend a bit and reactivate it.

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