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The Official Countering Anti-Russian Propaganda in the West Thread

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Due to a popular demand, I'm going to post a collection of articles on topic (and mixed with some of the on-going NATO vs. Russia themes) in this thread from now on.


But first, here is an incomplete list of some of the previously made postings, recommended for reading:


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The Netherlands is spreading anti-Russian sentiment, The Hague embassy says


The Russian embassy in The Hague has condemned the way perceptions of Russia are being twisted in Dutch public opinion, in its first comment on foreign minister Halbe Zijlstra’s admission that he lied about a meeting with president Vladimir Putin.


Zijlstra has been under fire since admitting on Monday that he lied about overhearing Putin define ‘Greater Russia’ as ‘Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic states,’ then adding that ‘Kazakhstan was nice to have’.


In a two page English statement, the embassy says it considers Zijlstra’s comments as a domestic matter.  It then goes on to say ‘we cannot ignore how perceptions of Russia’s aggressive intentions are being persistently propagated in Dutch public opinion.’


‘The attempts to attribute to Russia “great-power ambitions” and the desire to recreate “the Soviet Empire” do not hold up against any criticism,’ the statement said.


The only people saying this are those ‘who are interested in presenting Russia as an enemy and who under the pretext of the notorious “Russian threat” keep pushing Nato military infrastructure eastwards, therefore consciously provoking military confrontation.’


Fake news


The statement also took a swipe at the Dutch media for ‘willingly spreading the idea conceived in someone’s inflamed imagination that Russian authorities are obsessed with creating a “Great Russia”.’ ‘


Isn’t this an example of fake news directed against our country?’ the statement asks. ‘We would like to hope that common sense will prevail, and that in the end the Netherlands will return to the understanding that Russia is an indispensable partner in the struggle against new challenges and threats.’


Zijlstra will face tough questioning about the affair from MPs later on Tuesday afternoon. He is due to fly out to Moscow later for his first official meeting with his Russian opposite number Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday.




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+Mirumir    5,535

Surrounded by cameras, Rodchenkov is hiding from the Russian hitmen.



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