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Trial AV on New Computers, a customer disservice.


+warwagon    11,366



The most common AV shipped on systems is a trial version of Mcafee. It usually resides in the list of hidden icons down in the system tray invisible from the user. When I connect for remote support into a users machine, it's not uncommon to find the trial AV has been expired for months or even years. Now with the requirement of the reg key to get the latest windows update this could become an issue. With Mcafee on the system Windows Defender turns it's self off, and with the Trial AV expired, it offers no protection either as well not placing the reg key on the system especially if it's expired months before the requirement.


Just an observation.

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bikeman25    46

Heck I probably don't need to keep using Avast on my household systems, but used avast since 2005, so far keeping it in, but when Redstone 4 officially released, i might dump it fully then, not sure yet, will have to see


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