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Problems with OneDrive


tompkin    153

I have been in tech 42 years. I am having a problem with OneDrive that is so bad that no "wrong setting" or combinations of "wrong settings" should ever cause this. The problem is in my Photos folder. I don't know how many pictures I legitimately store out there but it's not that much. Some from my phone and some that I've uploaded. It says that I have over 4,000 photos. Numerous, numerous duplicates (I could not guess how many), some sideways, some upside down. Then there are black boxes with black X's through them. Some large some small. Then there are other icons. 

Another problem is that there are small pictures of people that I do not know. Again, these are out there multiple times. These appear like they may have come from a browser cache. What's so frustrating is that when I go to Microsoft Community forum, it's so inert. Free, but just long drown out posts with a suggestion or two. And no help.

I will attach a few screen clips of the odd shapes. These appear to me to be placeholders of some kind, I don't know. For years I was an MSDN member and we had "incidences". This problem would deserve using an "incident". Assuming it's not continuing to make alterations out there, as a single individual it might take me 6 months to fix.  

What should I do? 





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