Fat PS3 owners have one month to claim a piece of the ‘Other-OS’ lawsuit settlement

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Jim K

Ran across this..might be of use to someone.  I believe the settlement is around 60 bucks.


Back when Sony first launched the PlayStation 3, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the fact that you could install Linux on the machine, turning it from a console into a full-fledged computer. What some may forget is that this was an approved and advertised feature of the original console, but once Sony realized that it compromised the PS3’s security, it removed Other-OS for good. This resulted in a legal battle drawn out over six years, ending in Sony finally agreeing to pay back original PS3 buyers in the US.


Late last year, Sony agreed to a $3.75 million settlement deal, the biggest chunk of that will go towards legal fees, and the five plaintiffs who backed the class-action lawsuit will also get a larger payout than most. However, any US resident who owns an original ‘fat’ PS3 will also be eligible to take a piece of the settlement, but you only have one month left to do it.




Full article at KitGuru

Consumer Claim Form

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Only $60 bucks? I want a $1,000 refund for my fat YLOD paperweight :laugh:

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