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Nick H.

Recently it was noted that Fortnite was going to come to mobile devices. I commented that I didn't know how it was going to work when you consider a PC player with a keyboard and mouse playing against someone on a mobile phone with just the touchscreen.


Last night I happened to see an advert in my FB Messenger for PUBG mobile. Curious, I went to the Store and took a look. Sure enough it was there, and it seems to be free.


I've downloaded it and given it a go. The first thing to note is that it seems that you are only playing with other people that are on mobile. That's fine by me as it removes the question of how to level the playing field (something that I don't think Fortnite has explained yet). The controls can be modified slightly, but the default controls are like any other shooter - the left side of the screen is for moving, the right side for aiming and shooting. On my Galaxy S7 I had to set the graphics to low, but I've got to say that they are still decent on that setting. If I try to bump it up from low I notice some framerate issues.


I haven't played PUBG on other systems, so I don't know how the gameplay compares, but I've got to say that for the 2 or 3 games I played last night it was pretty fun!


Has anyone else taken a look at it?

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I installed it but I read it was US only at launch (which I thought was weird, would've thought it would be Asian servers firstly), you had no problems connecting and setting it up then?

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Nick H.
2 minutes ago, PsYcHoKiLLa said:

I installed it but I read it was US only at launch (which I thought was weird, would've thought it would be Asian servers firstly), you had no problems connecting and setting it up then?

There is a message when you first open it saying that they are rolling it out over time to the various regions. But I'm in Switzerland and last night I had no problem. 

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not tried it yet but i play pubg a lot on Pc.

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