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New Home Automation Set up!

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jebus197    14

Yay my final home automation set up! This was insanely complex to do, but the technologies involved include Google Home,Google Home, Philips Hue, Logitech Harmony Bridge, 2 x TP-Link HS-100, Smart Plugs,Ardino the Neopixel Library (that runs the 168 individually addressable responsive LED's on the back of the TV), IFTTT and Stringify Home automation suite. There is one cut where I pause to change the video to something more colourful to show the backlighting effect a little more clearly. (The backlighting as you may note is also voice controlled by me - a unique feature I believe). Also as a neat finishing touch, how many people do you know can ignite (and extinguish) candles with their voice!



I have omitted all the other humdrum turning the lights on and turning them off and other home automation tricks I have in my apartment, as there are loads of these already on YouTube. This is just the stuff that's a little bit unique.




It would be neat if Neowin had its own home automation (IOT) section I think. Other resources on the web are fairly sparse.

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