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Farthest star ever seen captured by astronomers

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branfont    218

Scientists have captured an image of the most distant individual star ever spotted — one that is nine billion light years away or 100 times farther away than the previous record-breaker. (Not including extremely bright exploding stars called supernovas).


The star is a blue supergiant nicknamed Icarus, possibly hundreds of thousands of times brighter than the sun. The light in the image left the star when the universe was just five billion years old. The universe's current age is estimated at 13.8 billion years.


The record-breaking portrait was captured by the Hubble space telescope. Powerful as Hubble is, it normally wouldn't have been able to see even a star this bright so far away.






Full article @ CBC News

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Shiranui    1,916

And its name is Icarus! I mean, what are the chances of that, eh?

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