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Setting up VMware workstation player for insider ring testing

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Mando    5,116

The aim of this short guide is to document and demonstrate how easy it is to set up a virtual environment for trying new features in windows 10 insider ring.


While this guide assumes you have virtualisation technologies enabled for your CPU and system, its worth checking your respective system bios before installing Workstation player.


download link

Latest build of workstation player (free for personal use)


  • Download and install workstation player. 
  • Accept the licence agreement
  • Select install location (i install on my host OS drive due to space available)
  • tick enhanced keyboard driver option.
  • tick check for product updates, CEIP is optional.
  • Post install, your PC will require restarted.


As the product installs, it will install virtual nic adapters etc, this is so it can share your hosts network interface, you can do more advanced network features post install.


  • Load up workstation player
  • Select use vmware workstation player for free for non-commercial use.


You are presented with the main player window.




To begin building some virtual hardware, click Create a new Virtual Machine.


If you have the installer ISO file of the OS you wish to have a virtual machine based on, point the program to the location. For the purpose of this how to, we will select the bottom option, I will install an operating system later.


  • Click Next
  • Select intended operating system to be installed. (Ms windows and W10 x64)
  • Click Next
  • I usually go with 60Gb and store the virtual disk as a single file. (60gb for desktop OS, 100Gb for Server OS)
  • Click Next

    You can then further amend the vms "hardware" by clicking customise hardware, i personally add the following.
  • Memory ( For a single vm host, I allow 50% of physical memory, otherwise i leave above recommended).
  • Processors (i allow half the physical cores in my system and enable the virtualisation cpu options).
  • CD/DVD option, this is where you can link your iso for install, (also available later when vm is powered off)
  • USB controller will allow pass-thru to your hosts USB posts.


Once you have tweaked the hardware you wish to be applied to this new project, click Finish. 


You will now have an offline virtual machine all ready for an installation.




Installing vms OS


You can choose to boot off either an ISO file or a setup CD/USB stick


  • power on the vm and when it asks to install vmtools, click accept.
  • Go up to the main player window
  • Click Player and select Removeable devices and navigate to the usb setup of W10
  • Connect said usb to the host.
  • Restart vm & the vm should start to install W10 from the usb stick.
  • image.thumb.png.02fe3f8aca13110759a160a10543da41.png


Proceed to setup windows 10 in the normal fashion.


Once windows setup is completed, and you are logged into windows, click "I finished installing" in the yellow banner, this indicates to vmware when to try to install vmtools in the windows virtual environment.





It is advisable to instruct workstation player to mount the vmtools as a cd and run setup,m it gives enhanced networking ability, VMCI driver and a svga video driver.

the vm will require a restart post install.


You can now use this virtual machine to sign up for insider rings :) 





if your badgered about a key and activation, either log into your Ms account where you have digital entitlement, or use the old W7 retail key you have lying about from preW10 days it will activate just fine if the right sku ;) (April 2018)


you can now play to your hearts content with the latest previews and ofc the guide can also be used for other operating systems, why not try Linux mint for example, just spin up a new vm and config, with zero risk to your daily driver.


the limit ultimately is enough space for all your vDisks ;) 


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LimeMaster    15,600

Very helpful, Mando! :)


Don't let Taz tell you otherwise. He can be a big meanie sometimes. :p

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TAZMINATOR    12,416




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