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Croteam is finally giving us a sequel to "Serious Sam" that does not require a VR headset

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branfont    211

The "Serious Sam" franchise is finally getting a true sequel. It has been seven years since "Serious Sam 3: BFE" launched. While we have seen several SS titles since then, (heck, we saw four in 2017 alone), none have carried the "Serious Sam 4" moniker. The four 2017 titles were all ports of the first three games to VR with the fourth, "Serious Sam: The Last Hope", also being a VR-only title. Croteam did not hand TLH the SS4 title, so even the developers did not consider it a true sequel.


On Thursday Croteam revealed that "Serious Sam 4" is finally in the works by throwing us an introductory teaser/trailer. The game, subtitled “Planet Badass,” will feature the usual over-the-top gibbing and humorous yet exciting and hectic gameplay that we have come to know since the first "Serious Sam" launched way back in 2001.




Full article & video @ TechSpot

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Andrew    2,860

I've never been big on Serious Sam, despite owning all the games, but I'm sure I'll give it a shot one day. Not sure the series will fit the open world experience though, which 4 will supposedly be.

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