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Auto import foreign disk / share between 2 Windows installs

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funkyspacecadet    0

Hi there,


I'm trying to figure out an easy way to use my Windows software raid mirror between two Windows installations.

My disks are configured like this:


disk1: 128GB SSD : Win10 install for gaming, work etc
disk2: 1TB SSD : Win10 for audio recording/production etc
disk3: 1TB HDD : Windows software RAID mirror (disk 1/2) for personal data
disk4: 1TB HDD : Windows software RAID mirror (disk 2/2) for personal data



if I choose to boot into Win10 on disk2, Windows won't see my RAID mirror, I have to do the import foreign disk procedure and the same when booting back into my other Wi10 installation.


I assume Windows 'marks' the raid in some way (changes the UUID or something?), however I'd like to be able to automatically have it imported before logging in when I change the Win10 installation I boot into.  I'd prefer to keep using Windows' built in software raid mirror as It's never let me down.


Would appreciate any help!



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