Really strange issue with system waking up from sleep/hibernation

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I have my system configured to hibernate after 30 mins of inactivity, and just this week it has decided that it no longer wants to wake up when I move the mouse of press the keyboard, it will not even turn on via the power button, but I discovered that if I plug something in that is attached to the USB port (cell phone,watch,etc). Is this a windows issue or a hardware issue?

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its a hibernation issue mate, somethings not liking being brought out of hibernation, best way to resolve?

Dont use hibernation to begin with :) , in this day and age, its legacy support, with the speed systems boot up with, pointless with an OS SSD. 


I disable it on all my systems, you can then also delete the hibernation file on C which is usually 1.5x your system ram.

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You could try disabling and then re-enabling hibernation to see if that makes any difference.




Aryeh Goretsky


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