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Weird Notification Sound Annoyance with Messenger

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D!ABOL!C    45

Hello Friends,


I have a weird issue and I can't figure it out and it's kinda annoying. I use Android Messages from SMS and within the SMS app, I have a custom sound that resides on my SD Card. Since I have upgraded my Galaxy S8 Plus to Android 8.0, whenever I get an SMS the sound it uses is the default system notification and not the custom notification sound defined in the app. The other odd thing is, if I change the system sound to the custom sound, it eventually reverts back. Any ideas on what is going on? Thank you!

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uniacidz    8

Is there a internal SD Card?

Do you have a phone explorer or file manager?


On internal storage, might be a Media folder in which has sub folders for relevant alerts
Eg, Notifications, Sounds, Ringtones


Can try placing into that folder if exists.
Might double up when you try to select it from Messenger menu

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