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El Paso boy dies crossing Loop 375 highway during school day

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+Raze    14,828

Very sad for an 11 year old to lose his life no matter the circumstances.  May he rest in peace and his parents find solace with their family and friends.


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Andrew    2,858

Cleaned. Stick to the topic please.

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jnelsoninjax    10,235

Regardless of why it happened, it happened. As some people here are so apt to point out, at 11 years old, depending on how the child is taught, they may or may nor have enough common sense to look before crossing a busy road. I am 40 and rely on a mountain bike for my only transportation, and I have to be aware of my surroundings, complacency will kill a person, and I am all to aware of this, was I at 11? it's possible, but then allot has changed since then, the city's are getting bigger and that means more traffic in areas that might not have been in the past I am not excusing the child's decision, simply pointing out that it might not have something the child had to think about. There is a school right next door to where I am living and it has K-8, the school has been open for 3 years, and it took until the beginning of this school year for the DOT to install a traffic signal in front of the school, but I still see kids run across a very busy road to get to school without so much as a second glance, so it all goes back to how the children are raised/taught.

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