NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS)


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Blue made a motion asking the Judge to un-seal the lawsuit documents, presumably allow  their proxies to publish  clickbait headlines before the October/November hearings.


The Judge denied Blue's  motion.

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So from BO's perspective:


SpaceX had bad wording in their proposal and didnt state that they had FRR for each Launch.

BO had bad payment terms in their proposal

NASA looked at both figured that they could get either to fix the wording.

NASA then looked at the remaining factors. Price, BO needing a completely different vehicle for actual missions, BO no Commercial usage or Funding.

NASA chose SpaceX

NASA is being unfair because they allowed SpaceX to change the bad wording.


Well we will see how this plays out in the courts..... Well we will at least see who in the system is getting bribed.


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NASA's Blue Origin lawsuit court filing is like...OUCH!


NASA: "All of this once-in-a-generation momentum, can easily be undone by one party—in this case, Blue Origin—who seeks to prioritize its own fortunes over that of NASA, the United States, and every person alive today"






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I feel like they are just throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks.


The more I read about this the flimsier their case seems.


Their biggest hinging point is the FRR, and that their bid would have been "cheaper" if they didnt have to do them. But I dont know how much water that will hold. (as they would have to do 3 and SpaceX would still have to do 3)


I think outlining the failings of their proposal, will easily be able to rule out any wrong doing. 

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Funding for a second HLS lander won't be in the FY2022 Senate budget reconciliation package. A big loss for Blue Origin as this delays funding for a second HLS lander until at least FY2023, seriously delaying their effort.


NASA's voluntary stay of performance expires Monday, November 1. Absent an unexpected Blue Origin win, this would allow NASA engineers & astronauts to return to Starbase.



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On 04/11/2021 at 15:44, SteveL said:

It is the end of this saga? I hope yes


Blue Origin loses federal lawsuit over NASA moon lander contract


Yup, Blue lost. NASA statements.





NASA was notified Thursday that the U.S. Court of Federal Claims denied Blue Origin’s bid protest, upholding NASA’s selection of SpaceX to develop and demonstrate a modern human lunar lander. NASA will resume work with SpaceX under the Option A contract as soon as possible.


In addition to this contract, NASA continues working with multiple American companies to bolster competition and commercial readiness for crewed transportation to the lunar surface. There will be forthcoming opportunities for companies to partner with NASA in establishing a long-term human presence at the Moon under the agency’s Artemis program, including a call in 2022 to U.S. industry for recurring crewed lunar landing services. 


Through Artemis missions, NASA will lead the world in landing the first woman and first person of color on the lunar surface, conduct extensive operations on and around the Moon, and get ready for human missions to Mars.




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If you don't succeed, COPYI 😂


(But with 1/5 to 1/3 Starship's initial cargo capacity )


Blue Origin's "revised" lunar lander presented at International Astronautical Congress 2021.



Cropped & perspective adjusted...



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