Nassau county man leaves young girl in car while at bar

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Fernandina Beach police arrested a man for child neglect after he left his 6-year-old daughter in the car while he drank in a bar, a police report said.   

An employee of Hammerhead Bar told police Jeffrey Supple, 36, was trying to fight with people at the bar.  

Police said when they confronted Supple, he was very unsteady on his feet and could smell the strong odor of alcohol emitting from his breath.

Fernandina Beach Police asked him to call someone to pick him up in which Supple stated that his father was already in route.

Police then asked him where his car keys were, and Supple said they may be in his car, according to the police report. 

Supple then asked for his 6-year-old daughter who he said he brought with him inside the bar and that she might still be inside.

The report said authorities begin to ask employees at the bar if they saw a little girl and they replied no.

His 6 year-old daughter was found asleep in his vehicle in a parking lot behind the bar. The vehicle was not running and the windows were up, according to police. 

Police came to the bar at 2:29 a.m. Sunday. Supple arrived to the bar at around 12:30 a.m. The young girl was inside the car for at least 2 hours.  

Supple was arrested for child neglect and was later transferred to the Nassau County Detention Center.


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ugh...I hate people like this.   Do what ever the f. you want with your life, but why put a child in danger? As a father of a 4 year old girl, this hits home and really angers me.

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