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Help fit the Youtube video width wise.


saurabhdua    56

Hello !


Please help me beam the following video >> width-wise on Youtube :-




Though the same were shot in portrait format ( normal phone position ) , I wish to beam it - width-wise ( fit width ) rather than the current Vertical strip.


Inputs will be sincerely appreciated.


Thank you.





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Buttus    1,188

did you post the video?   if so, you can edit it and rotate it under 'enhancements'.   at least, think you can still do it that way.

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goretsky    1,030



I found some instructions on how to change the aspect ratios of videos that you have uploaded to YouTube by cropping them in this article:




The instructions seem straightforward enough, but I cannot vouch for their accuracy.  You will, of course, lose some of the video being displayed when it is cropped.


In the future, record videos in landscape mode instead of portrait mode.




Aryeh Goretsky




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